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Video introduction to each module revealing the reality behind the theory, practice and rhetoric, the inside track not often explored in textbooks or the classroom.


In a world of information and data overload how do you maintain confidence in your own personal, professional development? Perhaps the last thing you need is more and more 'latest ideas', fads and flavours of the month and life would be much easier if you just made sure you got the fundamentals right? If so you have come to the right place - an unashamedly simple and practical approach to developing into a Consummate Human Capital Management Professional by following well tried and tested methods at an amazingly low cost from Paul Kearns, a world authority on some of the most difficult areas in HR strategy, human capital analytics, evaluation and evidence-based practice.


Read Paul's latest books

Organizational Learning & Development - From an Evidence Base. (Routledge, 2014)

Paul's latest book is a sister publication to 'Professional HR' (see below). This new book by Paul Kearns focuses on the need for an evidence-based approach to learning and development, bringing together the author’s extensive knowledge of HRM and organizational learning with new developments in the field. The book demonstrates how evidence evaluation can improve professionalism in organizational design and development, showing that this approach can create value not just for shareholders, but for employees and society as a whole. 

Professional HR. Evidence-Based People Management & Development. (Routledge, 2013)

'Professional HR' complements the Consummate Professional Series. It covers the background theory and research in greater detail and brings the world of Professional HR right up to date with the latest developments in Evidence-Based HR and International HR Standards


What is a Consummate Human Capital Management Professional?

A Consummate Professional in HCM, Learning and OD is someone who approaches an organisational issue just like the best doctors who correctly diagnose the ailment or disease before they write out a prescription or offer a course of treatment. Whether you are an operational manager interested in the people issues, an HR general practitioner, or a specialist consultant, you can become a Consummate Professional by:

  • Correctly DIAGNOSING the causes of HR problems and issues
  • Gathering credible EVIDENCE before you act
  • DESIGNING interventions & solutions around appropriate measures
  • CHECKING the prescription had the desired effect
  • Ensuring that the whole process is part of a CYCLE OF LEARNING


Paul KearnsPaul Kearns has been teaching his methods, tools, and techniques in both public and in-house Masterclasses and workshops since 1993 and on MBA and Executive Education programmes for over 15 years. This CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL SERIES brings a COMPLETE SYSTEM of complementary programmes and tutorial support, online, to help you rapidly develop your professionalism and offer you endless opportunities to share your experiences and learning with colleagues from around the world.

The CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL SERIES (CPS) is the first professional programme specifically designed to totally integrate HR Strategy, Human Capital Management, Learning Strategy and OD - it is THE COMPLETE SYSTEM for those wanting to be top professionals. A complete methodology in which you can have total confidence that your advice will be on solid foundations.

Over 30 Years Experience

CPS is the distillation of professionalism from over 30 years experience of sound practice, consulting, writing and teaching.  It incorporates the most important elements of theory, some key principles, a robust yet adaptable methodology and some simple tools, designed at a very low cost to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world who aspires to become the Consummate Professional in HR and Learning. You can start by trying just one Module (I would recommend the CPS Toolkit first as it can be applied to all other Modules) and add on any others as you see the need and at your own pace.  The low cost means you could choose to complete all the Modules for a fraction of the cost of attending a one day workshop.

It is structured on a MODULE basis so that you can pick and choose the elements that suit your own role, level of knowledge and experience.

Masterclass Modules

Each Module comprises a condensed, video version of the key content of the Masterclasses that have been successfully presented by Paul Kearns over many years and the average time for each Module presentation is only approximately 30 minutes. The Modules cover the key elements of a specific area of expertise (e.g. training evaluation) in a simple, step-by-step, concise and practical format. The use of technology has been kept to an absolute minimum partly to keep the cost as low as possible and also to make them very accessible and usable on any personal computer, anywhere, anytime.

No previous experience is assumed for the CPS programme but it has been designed with a 'graduate' level ability in mind. Its application only requires simple logic and common sense and there are Exercises attached to each Module for you to try the lessons out.


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