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I have degrees in Economics and Economic History and started my career as a graduate trainee in Industrial Relations Management in 1978.
I then moved into training and development and eventually generalist HR management. I worked in construction, engineering and manufacturing and my last corporate role was as the executive heading up the HR function in an automotive company.

In 1991 I decided to leave corporate life to specialise in putting a value on effective HR and training practices. This led me down a road of measurement, evaluation and HR metrics but for me measurement was only ever a means to a much more important end: the end itself was the creation of greater value from human capital and that required, above all else, a strategic approach. So I established the Personnel Works Limited consultancy to provide guidance and advice in the areas of HR and learning strategy, employee performance systems, organisation design and development and impact evaluation. This led me into joining the evidence-based management movement (EBM) and offering evidence-based Human Capital Management and reporting.

During my research into the literature available I found that many of the standard texts were either too academic to be of any practical use and, when they were aimed at practitioners, the methods offered were usually too simplistic and failed to address the most difficult questions that practitioners face. I decided to develop a completely fresh approach to HR and learning, from first principles, without feeling the need to accept any of the conventional wisdom that I had encountered in my own career. My aim was to produce robust theories backed up with simple but highly effective practices, tools and techniques. Eventually I was invited to speak on these subjects at conferences and then to publish my work - 9 books in total so far (including translations into Chinese and French) - plus many professional and academic journal articles and contributions to other publications.


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I regard my work as encompassing the best of both worlds - academically rigorous but practitioner-friendly. It is this blend that I bring to my MBA and Executive Education teaching which includes a long running HR Strategy programme that has now been promoted from ‘elective’ to core programme as my students, mainly operational managers and executives, start to realise just what real HR strategy means and has to offer. My book ‘HR Strategy’ is now in its 2nd Edition and is a set text on many graduate and post-graduate HR strategy programmes.

Now, after 30 years in the HR field, and having taught my methods in over 20 countries, both in the classroom and through online resources, I have decided that the programmes I run are fully tried-and-tested and developed sufficiently to be offered to as wide an audience as possible using this dedicated portal.


Paul Kearns


Books by Paul Kearns


bookHR Strategy

Creating Business Strategy with Human Capital.



"Paul Kearns has produced a gem of a book, accessible, written without jargon and with a logical and analytical challenge to much of what is happening in HR departments today."


bookThe Value Motive

The Only Alternative to the Profit Motive.


"The Value Motive presents the best framework I have seen for understanding why value should be the leader's top priority. The rich examples provide a clear path for using attainment of value as the measure of an organization's success."


bookEvaluating the ROI from Learning.

How to develop value based training


"Frankly, this is the best book on training evaluation I've ever read."


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