Using the CPS site

Q. How do I buy a Module?

Q. How long does a CPS Module take to complete?

Q. What is involved in using a CPS Module?

Q. How much does it cost?

Q. So if I complete all the Modules does that make me a Consummate Professional?

Q. Can I order as many Modules as I like?

Q. Can I use the Modules as often and as long as I like?

Q. Can I let someone else use my CPS Modules?

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the Modules I buy?

Using the CPS Forum

Q. What exactly is the purpose of the Forum?

Q. Why is the Forum not always open?

HR Strategy and Human Capital Management

Q. We already have an HR strategy so why do we need to change?

People information and performance management

Q. What sort of people information is best?

Learning Strategy

Q. Are there any key ingredients for an effective learning strategy?

Evaluation and ROI

Q. Why is the evaluation of training so difficult?

Q. How can I prove that it is the training that is making the difference?

Business Partnering & Consulting

Q. What's the difference between an HR Business Partner and an HR Manager?

Organisation design

Q. Can the CPS really teach me much about organisation design in such a short Module?

The Professional Toolkit

Q. What other tools do I need?


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