Module CPS3A

Evaluation & ROI

Evaluation & ROI

This Module aims to teach you both the theory and simple practice of the revolutionary, Kearns Baseline Evaluation Model (TM), including ROI, that has been taught all over the world. It includes a simple set of principles to follow and a collection of tools and techniques to use on any type of training, development or learning intervention.

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This Module is designed to take the confusion out of evaluation

Many trainers and managers think...

  • the purpose of evaluation is to PROVE that their training is good or to justify the training budget when in fact evaluation does not try to prove anything
  • they have to evaluate training to justify training spend but evaluation is not about being defensive
  • evaluation comes at the end of the training process when, in fact, it plays its most important part at the beginning, before any learning takes place
  • evaluation involves lots of form filling and surveys but it does not have to be bureaucratic if you start in the right place
  • it is not worth doing evaluation because it is impossible to link a particular result to a particular training programme - this is a red herring – organisations are far too complex and too busy to spend time linking a specific output to a specific piece of training
  • You cannot attach hard currency results to learning and yet ROI does exactly that when used intelligently 

Using evaluation effectively means...

  • Understanding its real role in continuous, organisational learning and improvement as part of a diagnostic process
  • Establishing a clear Baseline measurement of performance and value before you start any learning intervention
  • Knowing that validation levels 1, 2 and 3 do not answer the ultimate evaluation question of organisational impact
  • Learning when and where to use ROI selectively
  • asking why are we doing this training/development and what might happen if we don’t?
  • ensuring all learning focuses on the strategic objectives of the organisation 
  • all learners being asked about their current performance and ability before they start to learn
  • engaging managers and learners in a continuous learning process
  • providing feedback on what is working and what is not 

Module Objectives

Completing this Module will improve your professionalism by enabling you to:

  • State the main purposes of evaluation
  • Perform each step of the Classic Training Cycle for both knowledge/skills and business gaps
  • Apply the Baseline Evaluation Model to any type of learning intervention
  • Provide answers to the 2 Baseline questions regarding performance and potential value
  • Perform a simple ROI calculation for a 1% improvement in value
  • Use ROI at a conceptual level and as a simple management tool
  • Understand every step in the Learning/Performance Cycle
  • Draft a business contract for training
  • Prioritise all learning and development using the 3 Box System



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